Secrets of Non Verbal Communication

Secrets of Non Verbal Communication

Do you ever wish to have superpowers?

Let me tell you, you do but all you need to do is awaken those powers. Knowing about the secrets of body language is like having these superpowers which will help you to uncover the matrix of nonverbal communication so that you won’t just look at your surroundings, you will know your surrounding and respond effectively by learning different tools which will be covered in the program. It is more than just body language training. This program offers complete non verbal communication training.


  • Body language
  • Facial Expression
  • Conversational Hypnosis
  • Lie Detection
  • Voice Analysis
  • Verbal Content Analysis


  • Work place
  • Sales
  • Relationships
  • Recruitments
  • Law enforcement
  • General Communication

I still remember the time when I got conned by another sales person pretending to be a very potential client while working for a real estate company, that is when I realised the words alone can't be trusted, there has to be something more, that is when I started doing my research in non verbal communication and it came as an eye opener for me because earlier I was just focusing on just 7% of the total communication which is verbal communication and the rest is non verbal communication , of which I was not even aware of, this fact totally arrested my attention and I decided to go even deeper into this science and got trained under various world leading deception and body language experts.

People often asks me who should learn this science, my answer always remains same and it starts with questions?

  • Do you want to know and understand your clients or family or friends?
  • Do you want to read a person like an open book?
  • Do you want to supercharge your people's skills?
  • Do you want to dominate or get dominated?
  • Do you want to detect lies like an expert?
  • Do you want to transform the way how you interact with people especially with strangers and closed ones?
  • Do you want to sharp your emotional Intelligence?
  • Do you want to hijack someone's mind without even letting them know?
  • Have you ever dreamed about having that secret Superpowers?

And then they answer that question by themselves, this is for everyone because we are missing a big chunk of information which is 93%, in spite of this fact, this science is not taught in any schools or collages. So this gap has to be closed. So this is your time to make the decision to change and transform the way you look at your surroundings and be the deception detection expert, sharp your non verbal communication skills, learn how to use powerful gestures of Body language and AWAKEN YOUR SECRET SUPERPOWERS.

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